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Neila Rodriguez Coaching

Life Coaching does to your Life what a Personal Trainer to your body. In both there is a change in habits, health and mindset, and on both cases the changes comes from inside. The coach, in either discipline, is a companion that guides and supports, using their expertise and knowledge to help you grow. 

Coaching is a type of wellbeing intervention (it isn´t a type of therapy), that it is  highly personalised and individualised.

Everyone can benefit from Life Coaching at any point of their lives. But my goal is not to create a dependance. My goal is to help you create your desired reality, developing resilience and empowerment through the process, so you can sustain the life of your dreams. 

What coaching can help with:

Life Coaching is a transformational and holistic process that can help you with more aspects of your life other than achieving your goals.
Improving your self-esteem
Increasing Confidence
Building Self Believe
Personal Empowerment
Personal Growth
Work - Life Balance
Sense of Fulfillment
Connecting with what you really love in Life
Career development
Direction, Motivation, and Drive

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